Spiritual Practices and their effect on the psyche

Many people have come to criticize others that they refer to as “new age” types because they participate in such activities as meditation and burn incense regularly. The fact is, these “new age” people are simply trying to better themselves by reaching a higher plane of existence. If these critics spent their time trying to understand themselves and the world around them, they would be much more enlightened, just like the people they scoff at. For anyone interested in reaching a new plane of consciousness, this is a good place to start: http://www.wayofthebird.com/freebird.htm

The Bird’s Way

The way of the bird is sounds like a complicated process or some type of yoga contortion, but actually it is a very simple way for people to understand a complex process of introspective meditation and soul searching. This process is usually compared to the way of the ant. An ant will try to climb a tree, but because it is so small, it is possible that it will expend all of its energy trying to climb the tree and die there. However, a bird can fly effortlessly from branch to branch, continuing to reach a new plateau with every flap of its wings. The idea behind the program is that a person can change their entire life simply by acting as the bird.

There are numerous ways to start getting into this mindset, expressed at http://www.wayofthebird.com/commentaries.htm. This is a revolutionary way to change the way one lives their life and the way one sees the universe, and as such, it is something that needs to be shared with the world. Articles and books of all kinds have been written about this lifestyle at http://www.wayofthebird.com/books.htm for those interested in altering their perception for the better. This timeless technique is sure to better anyone’s life, even those skeptics out there.